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We Deliver Original Strongbow 24 Pack Cider 24 Hours a Day 365 Day a Year Delivering Strongbow Cider To Your Door Covering London, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey - 24hrdrinks.

Strongbow Original is a dry cider launched in England by H.P. Bulmer in 1962. Strongbow Original Cider is named, after the Cambro-Norman knight, Richard de Clare, nicknamed "Strongbow". Relying heavily on the Welsh archers throughout operations in Ireland, where at that time the Irish had a few bows and relied on javelins sticks. It was, first marketed as "strong cider for men!". By late 1970, it was the second highest selling Cider in the world after its Bulmer's stablemate Woodpecker. By 2001, Strongbow Bow Cider was among the top ten drinks by sales in English and Welsh pubs and bars. In 2003, Bulmers was acquired by Scottish & Newcastle; that was taken over by the Heineken brewery in 2008. January 2011, Heineken had announced that their intention is to take the Strongbow brand global.

In the United Kingdom, Strongbow Cider is a combination of bitter-sweet cider and apples, with over 50 different varieties of apple, is used. The Apples are grown, in sunny England and the depths of France. It has been mass-produced using modern techniques and includes apple concentrate and sugars. It is, fermented with a controlled type of yeast strain, and at least some of the varieties, are flavoured with an artificial sweetener. The Bulmers Strongbow is the biggest alcoholic container to date, with a holding capacity of 1.5 million gallons (6.8 million litres).

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