• Red Stripe Beer - X12
  • Red Stripe Beer - X12

Red Stripe Beer - X12


Red Stripe Jamaican Beer Delivery across London, Surrey, Kent and Middlesex.

Red Stripe Beer is a beer brewed by Desnoes & Geddes Limited in Kingston, Jamaica. Red Stripe has an Alcohol by Volume of 4.7% and is best served, cold! 
It pours a beautiful clear golden colour with a tonne of streaming bubbles and topped by a rocky white head.

Bready and slightly sweet on the nose. The taste trails the nose with a slightly sweet and bready bite with a nice touch of hops. Nothing real bitter or over the top of that hop note but it is just detectable.

The feel is relatively light and finishes very nicely.
Overall this beer comes in at a high score for me because it is such a good beer for an adjunct lager. 

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