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Red Stripe Beer - X24


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Red Stripe is a beer that is blended well and is medium-bodied with a refreshing taste with full flavour and character. The Red Stripe recipe was perfected, by Paul H. Cotter and Bill Martindale in 1938. You can enjoy a cold Red Stripe on a summers day or night!

Red Stripe was first manufactured, in 1938 from a recipe formed by a Mr Paul H. Cotter and Bill Martindale. Red Stripe was fermented, following the license conditions in the UK. 

In the year 1985, the trademark was first introduced to the US. In the year 1993, fifty-one percent control in Desnoes & Geddes Limited was bought by Guinness Brewing Global, the Diageo company. A brand new Red Stripe Light has also been combined, which is fermented and glassed in Jamaica and shipped by Guinness in Stamford, Connecticut.

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