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Pringles Salt & Vinegar


Salt & Vinegar Pringles Flavour Delivery - Snacks Delivered All Night Across London - 24 Hour Snacks Delivery London

Pringles Salt & Vinegar Is a full flavour savoury snack with loads of crunch; you can enjoy on any occasion as the saying goes "once you pop you can't stop.

Pringles first sold in 1967 and had been distributed nationwide since. 1975. Pringles wanted to produce a distinct chip. The responsibility did fall to chemist Fredric Baur, who, from 1956 to 1958, created Pringles’ saddle shape from fried dough. Baur for love nor money could he figure out how to make the perfect tasting chip, and he was ultimately pulled off the Pringles job to work with another company. 

In the mid-1960s, Alexander Liepa of Montgomery, Ohio, restarted Baur’s work, to develop on the Pringles flavour. Which he did succeed in doing so. Gene Wolfe, a mechanical engineer, produced the machine that cooks them. Their consistent saddle shape is mathematically known as a hyperbolic paraboloid. Their design is to ensure safe aerodynamics while packaging.

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