• House Whisky - 70cl

House Whisky - 70cl


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Bells Whisky is a Scotch Blended Whisky that was originally produced by Arthur Bell & Sons, and now owned by the Diageo company it is the UK's best-selling Whisky. Bell's Scotch Whisky is perfect on the rocks, or one of my favourite cocktails is the Godfather all you need is Disaronno and Bells and ice, put the ice in a short glass and pour three shots of Bells to 1 shot of Disaronno.

A little history about the Bells Whisky:

In the year 1851, Mr Arthur Bell (1825–1900) started to mix different single malts collectively to produce a more regular blended whisky. Mr Arthur Bell was the first distinguished whisky producer to be designated as a London agent, by at least 1863. Both of Arthur Bell's sons entered into the business in 1895. Arthur Kinmond was assigned to handle the regional market, and Robert was also elected, as head of the brand overseas. By the year 1880, the organisation was directed on blended malt whisky. Soon a few years later Mr Arthur Bell past away in 1900. 1921 the corporation and partnership became a private group operated by Arthur Kinmond after to Robert retiring. The end of Temperance in America which created a rush in demand, which has led to Arthur Bell & Sons to obtain two distilleries in 1933: In 1936 the Inchgower distillery was also purchased.

The Bell's siblings died in 1942 and the company accountant, William Govan Farquharson, became chairperson of the corporation. He shifted his thoughts and focused on spreading the name more profoundly through marketing. In 1954, Arthur Bell exported to 130 different countries worldwide, 'pretty impressive'.

By the late 19th century, Bell's was the largest selling whisky in Scotland. In the early 1970s, the Bell's company could not afford the advertising budget of bigger whisky distillers. Instead, they came up with a genius plan to focus on the use of mixers that blended well with their product. Moreover, incredibly this tactic extended the Brands demand with women to an all-time high, and Bell's revenues increased by 800% between 1970 and 1979. In 1978 the Bell's corporation was the UK's biggest selling whisky.  All of the acknowledgement for this intelligent expansion was, given to the then (MD) managing director Mr Raymond Miquel. By 1980 Bells had around 35% of the market share in the UK.