• Haig Club Whisky - 70cl

Haig Club Whisky - 70cl


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Haig Club Whisky is a Whisky distilled in Scotland at the oldest Distillery in Scotland. David Beckham the football legend is the face of Haig Club Single Malt Whisky. Haig Club Whisky is owned by Diageo and launched in 2014.

David Beckham has made his impression in the world of whisky with the launch of Haig Club. Light, sweet and grainy whisky, Haig Club is directed at drinkers who have yet to be won over by whisky’s appeals. Dubbed after John Haig, the originator of Cameronbridge distillery (where the magic is made), Haig Club is superb over ice, in long drinks or short cocktails glass – it’s easy-drinking that will win anyone over.

Haig, also identified as Dimple, Dimple Pinch, or Haig's Pinch, is the trademark of Scotch whisky, originally made by John Haig & Co Ltd. The brand and its original distillery are now part of Diageo, the world's largest spirits company

Andrew Stein established the distillery in the early 1720's in the Kennetpans near Stirling, which enhanced to Scotland's biggest distillery by 1733. It was called the world's first commercial distillery. Stein took over some land and distilling methods from a local monastery.

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