• Grey Goose Vodka - 70cl

Grey Goose Vodka - 70cl


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Grey Goose Vodka is made from spring water and wheat and carefully distilled in the French Cognac region of France. Grey Goose is a Premium Vodka with a presidential sophisticated smooth balance of undertones of citrus.


The Grey Goose Vodka is the original vodka to be manufactured in the Maître de Chai tradition, which allows aromas to get drafted in the distillation process unique to Grey Goose Vodka. It's made, from 100% French ingredients, including flavoured variations of the Grey Goose vodka. For example, Grey Goose La Poire was the outcome of Thibault's relationship with a Parisian pastry cook, whose pear tart motivated the recipe for the new Vodka flavour.


The wheat they used, in the creation of Grey Goose Vodka, is produced, in Picardy, France. Grey Goose Vodka is distilled - in the region of East and North of Paris; the distillate is then transferred over to the Cognac region of France

Grey Goose Vodka was, originally produced by Sidney Frank, Importing Co (SFIC). Sidney Frank, founder and CEO of the Corporation, developed the idea in the summer heat of 1996. The fundamental idea for Grey Goose Vodka was to develop an extravagance vodka for the US marketplace. Frank had been contemplating this idea for a while when he came up with the name. The improvement of the product followed from his initial intent. After launching the Grey Goose Vodka in the American market, Grey Goose Vodka became very attractive due to a "confluence of trends" at that time said Seth Stevenson, as well as guerilla marketing techniques. Grey Goose Vodka was first made more expensive than most other premium Vodka brands to produce a better product and to generate a "super premium" category in the American Alcohol Delivery market.

SFIC partnered with cognac producer François Thibault and went to France to transition his abilities from Cognac to Vodka production. The organisation purposely selected France due to the country's culinary history and to distinguish itself from other Vodkas manufactured in Eastern Europe.

In 1998 the Grey Goose Vodka was named the best tasting vodka in the world by the Beverage Testing Institute. The business was then ultimately sold over to Bacardi for US $2.2 billion (that equates to £1.6 billion) in August 2004. That year Grey Goose Vodka was the best-selling premium brand Vodka in the US. The company sold more than 1.5 million cases that in that year.

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