• Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey - 70cl

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey - 70cl


Bulleit Whiskey Delivery Service - Late Night Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey Delivered across London - 24 Hour Bulleit Whiskey Delivery Company

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey is a Kentucky straight Bourbon Whiskey that has a high-rye content and iconic frontier Bourbon inspired bottle is a favourite amongst bartenders and mixologists throughout the world. When Tom Bulleit first set out to make a Bourbon Whiskey unlike any other, he was, motivated by a recipe created by his great-great-grandfather Augustus Bulleit more than 175 years ago. First crafted using just pure limestone-filtered water and charred stained American oak barrels for all of the colour and some it is flavour, Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey is especially high in rye content, delivering a bold, spicy character with a distinctively creamy, clean finish.

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