• Absolut Vodka - 70cl

Absolut Vodka - 70cl


Absolut Blue Original Flavour Vodka Delivery - Absolut Vodka Delivery - Vodka Delivered

Absolut Blue Vodka has become the number one leading premium Absolut Vodka with its cool shaped bottles and remarkable art that, was added to the bottles giving it it's the unique look that's forever engaging in the urban nightlife. Absolut Vodka Is made and distilled in Sweden and made from natural ingredients, Distilled more than four times for that extra smooth Absolut Vodka with every sip. Absolut Vodka is perfect by itself or with a few ice cubes or just pop the bottle in the fridge to keep it chilled; there's nothing better than a cold Absolut Vodka! You can also make the perfect cocktails one of my favourites and very easy to make, and it is called Absolut Vanilla Cola. All you need is, crushed up ice, Vanilla Coke a wedge of Lime and of course the Absolut.

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