• Absolut Raspberri Flavoured Vodka - 70cl

Absolut Raspberri Flavoured Vodka - 70cl


We Specialise in Fast 24 Hour Sweedish Absolut Raspberri Flavoured Vodka Delivery 

Absolut Raspberri is made, by just constructing water and winter wheat, and the Raspberries picked from the Swedish hills, in Sweden. There is no sugar added to the Vodka and Absolut distill there Vodka more than four times for that exquisite, subtle, smooth essence of Absolut Raspberries in a glass. Excellent with ice or as a delightful cocktail day or night, summer or winter. The Absolut Vodka bottle design was based off a Medicine bottle shape and marketed worldwide and adding funky modern art to represent the flavour with paint strokes that are more natural looking as opposed to computers that give a digital feel to the bottle making Absolut stand out on the shelf, unlike others.

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