• Russian Standard Vodka - 70cl

Russian Standard Vodka - 70cl


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Russian Standard is a premium Russian Vodka made and bottled in Russia, and they made it from winter wheat and the Russian steppes & pure glacial water from Lake Lagoda. The Russian Standard Vodka is triple distilled and filtered ten times for purity! Enjoy Russian Standard neat of in a cocktail to experience the full potential of Russain Standard.

The Russian Standard brand introduced it as the "Russian Standard" Vodka in 1998 by the Russian Standard Corporation of Roustam Tariko. The Russian Standard Vodka later called Original; Vodka founded the brand as one of the top notch premium Russian Vodka brands in the Russian market. It's new, Soviet-free identity, turned (unusually for a Premium Alcohol) a total advantage in the quickly developing market of the late 1990s Russia.

Two years later a successful Russian market launch, with worldwide expansion was started. The Russian Vodka was then, followed, by the launch of the new Russian Standard Platinum Vodka product that began, in 2001 as the luxury brand Imperia in 2004. The initial product was re-christened Original.

According to the manufacturer, in 2001 the Russian Standard Vodka brand was active worldwide in 70+ markets with sales over 2 million cases a year. The marketing emphasises the 100% Russian recipe, from Russian raw elements, Bottled and Distilled in Russia.

Russian Standard Vodka aroused debate when it questioned the Russianness of its chief worldwide rival Stolichnaya. At that time, Stolichnaya was refined in Russia but bottled in Latvia. Stolichnaya distributor, Pernod Ricard, reacted by insisting that Stolichnaya is an authentic Russian vodka, as zero is added, removed during the method of bottling.

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