• Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey - 70cl

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey - 70cl


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Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey is produced by Beam Suntory and made in Clermont, Kentucky USA. Jim Beam is matured for four years and is the best-selling Bourbon Whiskey in the US. Jim Beam is best enjoyed with Coke and ice or for the connoisseur just on the rocks. 

Throughout the late 18th century, members of the Böhm family, who ultimately changed the spelling of their last name to "Beam", emigrated from Germany and settled in Kentucky.

Johannes "Reginald" Beam (1770–1834) was a farmer who began producing whiskey in the fashion that became known as bourbon. Jacob Beam traded his first barrels of corn whiskey around 1795. The whiskey was first described, as Old Jake Beam.

David Beam, took on his father's obligations in 1820 at the young age of 18, increasing the distribution of the family's bourbon whiskey during a time of industrial revolution. David M. Beam (1833–1913) in 1854 moved the distillery to Nelson County to capitalise on the growing network of railroad lines linking the states together. James Beauregard Beam managed the family company before and after Prohibition, reconstructing the distillery in 1933 in Clermont, Kentucky.

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