• Jack Daniels Whisky - 70cl

Jack Daniels Whisky - 70cl


We Deliver Jack Daniels Whiskey 24 Hours a Day - Fast Late Night Jack Daniels 70cl Whiskey Delivery - Jack Daniels Whiskey Delivery Covering Greater London Area, Central London, Kent and Middlesex Areas.

JD is a Tennessee Whiskey produced in Lynchburg and is the highest selling Whiskey in America and is owned be the Brown-Forman Corporation. The tasting notes are light, smooth with plenty of sweetness. With hints of dry spice and oily nuts. The palate is smooth, soft with notes of milkshake, mixed nut note. The finish is quite sweet with a toasty oak flavour. 

Jack Daniels was one of 13 siblings fathered by Calaway Daniel and was the youngest of his mother's ten children. After Daniel's mum, Lucinda Cook Daniel, died, his father remarried and had many more babies. Jack Daniel's grandad, Joseph Daniel, immigrated from Wales. His Scottish wife, Elizabeth Calaway, also joined him to the United States. He was of Welsh, Scottish, English, and Scots-Irish descent. Daniel's dad died in the Civil War. He loathed his step-mother, and as a result, he fled away from home and was, essentially orphaned at a young age.

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