• Jack Daniels Honey Whisky - 70cl

Jack Daniels Honey Whisky - 70cl


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Jack Daniels Honey is the same recipe with a unique Honey taste, produced and bottled in Lynchburg, Tennessee. It is unmistakably Jack Daniels with a twist of honey. You can enjoy Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey mixed with coke or on the rocks, perfect with both.

Jack Daniel was brought in by a local lay minister and moonshine whisky distiller, identified as Dan Call. He began studying the distilling trade as a youngster from Call, and Call's Chief Distiller Nearis, sometimes spelt Nearest, Green, was an enslaved African American man, who continued to work and teach, Call after liberation to be a free man. In 1875, Jack Daniels received an inheritance from his father's estate; Daniel founded a legally registered distilling business with Call. He took over the distillery soon afterwards meanwhile Call quit for religious reasons. The trademark label on the product says "Est. & Reg. in 1866", but his biographer has told official's that he has filing documents to assert that the business was not established, until 1875.

After the takeover of the distillery, Daniel acquired the land where the distillery is, now positioned! Jack Daniel's at that time was one of 15 distilleries running in Moore County, and the second-most prolific behind Tom Eaton's Distillery. He started using square-shaped bottles, with the intention to convey a sense of fairness and integrity.

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