• Havana Club 3 Anos Rum - 70cl

Havana Club 3 Anos Rum - 70cl


Havana Club 3 Anos Puerto Rico Rum Delivery 24 Hour Fast Late Night London Alcohol Delivery 15-30min - Havana Club Rum Delivery Covering Greater London, Kent, Surrey and Middlesex.

Is made in Cuba, Puerto Rico and owned by Bacardi. Havana Club Rum is the perfect Rum for Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiri cocktails, the perfect summer cocktail. 

Havana Club Rum is rum that was created in Cuba in the year 1934 and is now one of the best-selling rum in the business. Originally produced in Cardenas, Cuba. Since 1994 it has been manufactured in Cuba and sold worldwide (excluding the US). Bacardi also produces a product bearing the same name and its sold only to the US. Both the companies have interlocked in continuing lawsuit about ownership of the brand.

The Arechabala people established a distillery in Cardenas, Cuba. Later it renamed Jose Arechabala S.A., the business that created the Havana Club in 1934 and sold rum beneath that name in both Cuba and the US.

The Cuban state sold rum overseas under the Havana Club Rum name in 1972, concentrating primarily on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe markets. The Government focused on Havana Club because (unlike Bacardi) the Arechabala's had not placed plants outside of Cuba so they couldn't produce a brand worth competing.

Since 1994, Cuban Rum creation and non-United States global marketing of Havana Club Rum has maintained under a joint alliance between Pernod Ricard and Corporación Cuba Ron.

Havana Club Rum is the fifth-biggest rum label in the world, with roughly 4 million cases worldwide. The Havana Rum trade in over 120 countries. Its Strongest markets include Germany, France and, where marketing plays off the brand's distribution in East Germany during the Cold War. In 2008, it also got bottled in India.

Pernod Ricard works heavily on Cuban themes in its marketing, including labelling Havana Club as "El Ron de Cuba" ("The Rum of Cuba"). Havana Club Rum is traditional one of the most items brought into the United States by tourists rebounding from Cuba. Bacardi's Havana Club labelling mentions that it is manufactured in Puerto Rico and is frequently associated, to as "Havana Club Puerto Rican rum".

Pernod Ricard's labelling, originated by Cubaexport in the 1970s, is gold and red and features the Giraldilla, a weathervane from the old port of Havana. Pernod Ricard has announced plans to use same gold and red labels on their "Havanista" product in the United States.

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