• Smirnoff Red Label Vodka - 70cl

Smirnoff Red Label Vodka - 70cl


Smirnoff Red Label Vodka Delivery - 24 Hour Smirnoff Vodka Delivery - Vodka Delivery London

Smirnoff is triple distilled and filtered ten times. Smirnoff is one the best-selling Vodka is to date and is owned by the Diageo company. You can enjoy a Smirnoff Vodka any day of the week why not have a glass on the rocks or try our quick and easy cocktail mix; it is called a Smirnoff Moscow Mule. Just pour Smirnoff Vodka to the desired taste then add, Ginger Beer, Mint and garnish with limes. 

Pyotr Smirnov established his Vodka Distillery in Moscow in the year 1864 under the legal trading name of PA Smirnoff, creating, charcoal filtration in the 1870s, and becoming the first to primary utilise newspaper ads along with charitable donations to the clergy to stifle anti-vodka sermons, taking two-thirds of the market in Moscow by 1886. His brand was reportedly a Tsar favourite. When Pyotr departed, he was, superseded by his third son Mr Vladimir Smirnov. The business flourished and manufactured over 4 million cases of Vodka a year; that is a lot!

Early 1904, the Tsar nationalised the Russian vodka production, and Vladimir Smirnov was compelled to sell his factory and branding. Vladimir Smirnov re-established a business in 1920 in Constantinople (Now called Istanbul). Four years on he located to Lwów (used to be Poland, and now its Lviv, Uk he started to sell the Vodka under the contemporary French grammar of the name is, "Smirnoff". The latest product sold marginally great but not nearly as it had in Russia before 1904. A new distillery was then founded, in Paris in 1925; nevertheless, the company was a shadow of its former self.

In the 1930s, Vladimir met a guy called Rudolph Kunett, a Russian that had emigrated to the US in the 1920s and became a wealthy business person in New York City - USA. The Kunett family used to supply grains to Smirnoff in Moscow before the Revolution. 1933, Vladimir sold Kunett the right to begin manufacturing Smirnoff Vodka in North America. He then reverted to the U.S, quit his sales job, and built his first North American distillery in Bethel, Connecticut, the U.S of America in 1933. Nevertheless, the business in the US was not as fortunate as Kunett had hoped. In 1938 Kunett could not manage to pay for the significant sales licences and contacted John Martin, the president of Heublein.
Heublein was a business that concentrated in the import, export of Alcohol and international foods.
Martin bought the rights to Smirnoff in 1939. His board thought that he was mad. Americans were traditionally whisky drinkers unknown with Vodka so sales were slow. In a marketing move, they changed the product to use bourbon corks instead and branded it as a "white whisky" with "no smell, no taste". Sales boomed up considerably after that.

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