• Marlboro Red - 20's

Marlboro Red - 20's


Marlboro Red 20 deck Cigarette Delivery - 24 Hour Marlboro Red Cigarettes Delivery Services

Marlboro Red is for only the real smokers, great taste but a bit harsh. Did you know that the Marlboro cigarette brand is also known for its sponsorship of Formula one racing? The sponsorship deal started in the year 1972 with its sponsoring of Formula One partners BRM and Iso Marlboro-Fords.

For the 1974 season, Marlboro terminated its sponsoring of both teams. Marlboro quickly became associated with the McLaren F1 team. Marlboro then ended their sponsoring of McLaren F1 after 22 years, which also ended the traditional red & white McLaren attire.

Marlboro also sponsored the Scuderia Ferrari as the second sponsor starting in the 1980s Ferrari's group president Enzo Ferrari declined to allow "outside" sponsor's brands to branded on his partner's cars. After the famous Enzo Ferrari's death in 1988, Marlboro began to take over as the primary sponsor. Later down the line, the team was officially named Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro.

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