• Marlboro Menthol - 20's

Marlboro Menthol - 20's


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Packed full of menthol for a smooth finish as it goes down.

Marlboro Menthol cigarettes are created similarly to non-mentholated cigarettes, with menthol added at any of the various stages of the manufacturing method. Menthol cigarettes may be derived from distilled corn mint oil or produced synthetically. While minimum quantities of menthol may be, applied to non-mentholated cigarettes for flavour or other reasons why you would add it, a menthol cigarette is typically at least 0.3% menthol content by weight. It has a lower-tar in a menthol cigarette and may have menthol levels up to around 2%.

A recent addition has been to include a small capsule in or near the filter which can be pressed to release extra menthol or other flavouring solutions. During the smoking of a Marlboro cigarette, the menthol delivery consumes noticeably, but this technology enables the smoker to improve the menthol delivery at a chosen point to sustain or improve the menthol 'feel'. The capsules can obtain any flavourings but are primarily menthol.

Compared to tobacco blends for non-mentholated cigarettes, a menthol cigarette will tend to have more flue-cured than burley tobacco, and less oriental tobacco.

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