• Marlboro Gold - 20's

Marlboro Gold - 20's


Marlboro Gold 20 Deck Cigarette Delivery Service - All Night Marlboro Gold Cigarettes Delivered Across London - Cigarette Delivery Company

A very light choice that doesn't taste that strong some prefer the Marlboro's mainly because it goes down easier. 

Philip Morris, the owner of Marlboro Gold, propelled the Marlboro trademark in 1924 as a ladies cigarette, based on the catchword "Mild As May". The name was first taken, from a street in London where PM's British factory is, located, Nevertheless, as early as 1885, a brand called "Marlborough" was already being marketed as a "ladies' favourite" by Philip Morris & Co. In the 1920s, promotion for the cigarette was primarily based on how women like the filter on the Cigarette, an attempt to appeal to the mass market. To that end, the filter had a marked red band around it to conceal lipstick stains and marks, calling it "Beauty Tips to Keep the Paper from Your Lips".

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