• B&H Gold 20's

B&H Gold 20's


Benson & Hedges Gold Cigarette Delivery London - Benson Cigarettes Delivered

Benson & Hedges Gold Cigarettes has a smooth finish, and did you know Did you know that Benson & Hedges Cup was cricket's longest sponsorship deal? A one-day cricket competition for first-class counties in England and Wales that was held from 1972 to 2002.

It was the third major one-day competition founded in England and Wales following the Gillette Sunday League Cup. Traditionally identified as a 'big day out' for the finalist's fans. It began as a 55 over per half a game but was later, decreased to 50. The conquering team in the first cup final, Leicestershire won £2,500, the losing finalists Yorkshire £1,000 and Chris Balderstone, winner of the man of the match – the coveted 'Gold Award' – £100.


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