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B&H Duals 20's


Benson and Hedges Duals Cigarette Delivery - Benson Duals is both original and Menthol for any occasion. Cigarettes Delivery Service

In the late 1970s, the corporation products were promoted in a series of posters and cinema films which displayed the gold pack in several surreal juxtapositions and transformations, devoid of words and people. In the year 2001, label packaging was transferred from Special Filter to Gold, and a Silver variant was initiated, with reduced tar content to 0.1 mg less nicotine, at a slightly cheaper cost. In the year 2008, a 14 cigarette pack was propelled, alongside the 10 and 20 packs. In July 2009, a Gold and Silver variants of rolling tobacco were initiated. As of June 2011, the corporation United Kingdom brands was Silver, Gold, White and Gold Superkings; they also got a rolling tobacco too. Discontinued former names in the UK have included: Sovereigns, Virginia Red, Gold Bond, Black and Virginia Blue.

In October 2012, the "Dual" (dual-flavour) cigarette was introduced, with a user-poppable menthol capsule inside the filter. If you squeeze the capsule, the smoke flavour is altered from plain to menthol.

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