• Red Stripe Beer - X4
  • Red Stripe Beer - X4

Red Stripe Beer - X4


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Red Stripe Beer's aroma is grainy sweet with a hint of fresh apples. Well balanced with a taste of hops with a sweetness hanging in the mouth. Red Stripe is a full flavoured light beer and taste best when served cold.

In the year 1985, the trademark was first imported to the US with weak initial results. With an eye towards the achievement of Heineken. Red Stripe for export was bottled, in green, and standard 12 U.S. fl oz bottles. American customers presented to Red Stripe brand within their journeys to Jamaica as well as Jamaican expatriates were hesitant to try the brand in the US since it was not bottled, in its peculiar squat bottle and decorated label. This marketing issue was fixed only to have the freight temporarily postponed in January 1989 due to cannabis importation in shipping containers discovered in the Port of Miami. The Red Stripe brand recovered and rode the traditional dancehall and reggae music scene in the early 1990s to well higher than a million cases distributed. Red Stripe is an important supporter of reggae, ska, and other music functions.

Diageo launched canned Red Stripe, which is brewed, under contract by Moosehead in New Brunswick, Canada, to the United States market in 2009.

In the United States in 2010, the bottling measurement was decreased from a 12 oz. to 11.2 oz.

2012, Diageo relocated his brand's creation from Jamaica to the United States.

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